Why Singapore inspired?

Singapore is a real face paced city, anyone living here can tell you that, whats even faster than its people are the rates of construction. Being such a tiny country means there are just always buildings being torn now, renovated and upgraded. I swear if I don’t go to a shopping centre for a month, there has usually been something closed and some brand new wall of LED lights erected. In a way it’s sad how fast we bury our past. Call me sentimental, but perhaps I’m just trying to slow down the insanity a bit , and try to indulge in the flavours of our culture.

I want to celebrate our past, the places, the people, and the food & drink . To look back in our history , not too long ago , where Singapore was a simpler place. Full of Kopitiams ( A local type of cafe, which served coffee and meals) , fishing villages and a beach at beach road. (there’s a road in Singapore called Beach Road, I once overheard an annoyed guy telling his friends he brought his girlfriend there for the BEACH, but there wasnt any… well there hasnt been for the past 30 years, Singapore reclaims land and basically build land in that area pushing the original shoreline several KM away.)