Kopitiam Lipbalms & things to do.

Whats thats above? Well its a little sneak preview of the lip balm labels!

When I created this blog,I envisioned it as a kind of behind the scenes of the brand… the whys and hows if you will.
Its going to be 4am and I’m up obsessing over details and ideas for Shophouse Sixtyfive. I’ve gotten name-cards printed the last week, which was absolutely thrilling! There’s something so tangible and grown-up-like about name-cards.

The first product range Shophouse Sixtyfive will be launching are the Kopitiam Lipbalms. I havent mentioned this on here yet, but NOW I AM. So tah-duh! Thats going to be our staple product. Lip balms influenced by Kopitiam beverages and foodstuff , but also by places and people. Or lipbalms are all handmade, by yours truly. They are mostly natural based, beeswax lipbalms.Since these are unique flavours I am hand blending the flavours, which are mixtures of premium essential oils and imported flavouring oils.
I’ve been tweaking the flavours to my satisfaction. There were some blends I just didnt feel quite right so I’m reworking them from scratch. Its a tricky business crafting flavours and scents.

Meanwhile I’ve been going back and forth with the label design, I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I am designing everything myself,along with basically everything else. Including the site, and all its infinite details. I think thats one of the hardest things to do. Designing for yourself, because as they say , you are your harshest critic. Anyway, I’ve finally settled on the final design and will be sending them out for printing tomorrow. They are printed on special waterproof stickers so the won’t tear and will handle a fair amount of abuse, which is perfect for lip balms that might be thrown around in a bag or pocket.

I’m waiting on a huge order of bubble mailer envelopes so that orders can be mailed out safely, and it looks like I will have to order more flavouring supplies thanks to my own reformulation. I’m certain that we will be open for sales early February, that means it’s time to hustle !
However, lets just say I’m beyond excited.