Many new things

Wow today there have been many new things. I got around to taking the photos today, its been so long that these photos had been in my mind, I finally realised them into the world today. ¬†Conceptually I’ve been going over them anxiously in my head each time coming up with new ideas. I got the old Kopitiam cups from Carousell ( the awesome local phone app for buying) .

I actually got the coffee beans from an old bakery in Pasir Panjang , these are the authentic type of beans that have actually been roasted with butter. Super Kopitiam authentic! My room smells heavenly! I actually took the photos in my room, it had just the right light today I was hoping for, initially I was going to carry everything including a table outside, but things ended up in my favor today.

Then began my many hour struggle with photoshop, dont ask me why but photoshop is not my friend, I do so love illustrator, but sigh, photoshop. Took me forever to figure things out. I managed to finalize¬†the actual home page, along with picture sliders. AND!!!! most excitingly the PRODUCT LISTINGS. which is truly what defines an online store. I sometimes can’t believe I’m really doing this, but I am, and its too late to runaway anyway. (and I would’t want to !)

The image above is going to be used for the listing of duo sets, yes you will be able to pick and choose any two lipbalms for a discount of, a great deal I must say. Got so much done today, I feel productive and tired. Which is a great thing .

See you soon !