Its working! & products to come

So I’ve put up the listings and everything, we are using paypal for the payment method, for hassel¬†free and secure payment for both sides. I’ve tried the cart serval times and it looks like everything is working as it should be. Looks like the store might be set to open mid next week . Thing is I still have to create stocks, I think I will do 250 lipbalms, and see how that goes.I need to order more empty lip balm tubes.

We’ve made the decision to not print receipts or invoices to mail out in orders, reason being that you will already have a digital invoice by paypal, and we dont feel that most people keep the printed ones anyway, seems a waste of paper. However if you do need them for whatever reason you can let us know.

On another note¬†possibly a month or so from now I might make a small limited batch of a 5th flavour which is a Singaporean dessert, I quite like it but it seems hard to find these days… anyone wants to take a guess? Along side that I have a notebook filled with other lipbalm flavours , some will be in limited quantities and if any prove to be popular enough they will be made permanent . Again nothing is written in stone yet, we still have to get over the launch of the site and see what the response is.

I’ve also been planning the next range of products which might very well be cheek and lip tints, I’ve started packaging design for them but I have no idea when I will launch them, maybe in 5 months or so. We will see when the time is right.

Thanks for reading!