Exciting news, upcoming developments & Joy

Its been less than a week since we open our shop “doors” and too many exciting developments have popped up.
Firstly we are excited to be featured in a magazine in the coming months, we are beyond flattered and cant believe that its really happening.

We are also under going negotiations have Shophouse Sixtyfive carried by a huge online retailer, which will introduce our humble little brand to new customers which is an exciting thing.

We also have a little giveaway contest in conjunction with CANVAS the art space and club , you can check out our facebook at https://www.facebook.com/shophousesixtyfive for details.

We are also gearing up for SG50 and have some ideas for a wonderful limited edition set that will be coming out maybe in april or may.
Possibly going to collaborate with a wonderful local artist for that, so stay tuned.

Good news all around this week, here’s hoping to it staying that way. We love you all !!! Have a good weekend