Whats in a Kopitiam Lipbalm?

Let’s talk about what actually goes into each of our Kopitiam Lipbalms. Each one is handmade, with love and care.
So lets take a peek at what makes them so good for your lips!


Our lipblams are beeswax based, I went with this choice of base because it is natural and the bees produce lots of it. It brings them no harm and is a by-product of their honey production. On top of that I think it has the loveliest subtle aroma and that creamy yellow colour it adds to the balms is yummy and alluring. Did you also know that beeswax has super protective qualities as it seals in moisture and creates a barrier between you lips and dry/hot air, not to mention its anti-inflammatory abilities, which are great for chapped lips!


This ingredient has a rich history, it was being used as early as 3000bc by early civilisations in Crete in the Mediterranean area. Its also an essential ingredient in Ancient greek and roman cooking, they knew of its healing powers and eventually used it for beauty applications as well. It is moisturising and high in antioxidant content, here at Shophouse Sixtyfive we use extra virgin well distilled olive oil, which ensures all its best acids and minerals are intact.


Sunflower oil contains omega 6 and vitamin e , which makes it a great anti-bacterial, which is important when healing raw lips.


A very emollient oil that also gives a tad bit of shine and an extra luxurious glide when applied to your lips. I chose this because it really adds that richness into the mix, ensuring the lips stay well moist for a long time after application .


Soybeans are a familiar sight in our culture, we drink soy milk and eat bean-curd. It made sense to include this into our formula, after all its high fatty acid is a great anti ageing ingredient. Also local beliefs are that pregnant women should drink lots of soymilk for the softest most supple skin, skin like tofu they would say.


A beauty secret of the indian culture in Singapore. It smells heavenly too, it sinks into the skin beautifully fast. That because it has a similar chemical make-up to skin oils. It absorbs with no greasy feeling. (I even use it pure as a facial moisturiser, I heard its great for acne!)


Stevia comes from the Stevia plant, it is a sweetener that is actually 150 times sweeter than sugar, and yet cannot ferment.The plant Stevia rebaudiana has been used for more than 1,500 years by the GuaranĂ­ peoples of South America.
I decided to use this over sugar because it is oil soluble, and is very stable.I add just a tiny bit of this, since it is so potent, and to ensure you dont overlick your lips, which causes irritation and overdrying.


We add pure vitamin e to our balms because it is the ultimate skin repairer and it works as a shelf-life extender for our balms. Since we dont use preservatives, I decided this would be the best anti-microbial, while actually being good for the skin.


We use a secret blend of essential oils and flavour oils to achieve the unique and local flavours . We get them from our suppliers from the USA which specialise in CO2 distillation for essential oil extraction and we also use absolutes when applicable. This is to ensure a rich and multifaceted olfactory experience. Our flavour oils are edible grade and are natural oil based. It took many trials for me to get the mixes just right and sometimes even a bit of luck, its kind of like cooking with scents. Sniff away with pleasure!!

We make our balms in small batches at a time! All by hand (by me lah!) and always fresh! Hope this gave you a little bit of insight of what goes into each balm and why they are each a little treat for your skin!

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