A moment to be thankful

Its been a crazy ride, and honestly its only been a few months since I’ve started this journey and just a few weeks since our “doors” opened to the public.

However I just want to take the moment to thank all the wonderful friends who supported me all this way and listened to me ramble on about lipbalms and what was just a crazy idea. All the wonderful people in my life who supported me by actually buying lipbalms, though I offered to give them away. Its made me realise there are a lot of people I can actually count on then I have hoped for. Then there were some complete surprises from people I hardly knew or never met that have helped me out and supported my little business. I OWE ALL OF YOU!

THANK YOU to all our first customers ! thank you for trying us out and spreading the word. Best customers ever.

Its been really touching , and coming from a place where I was even thinking of what I would do if nothing sold, to now being sold out. I AM HAPPY and dreams do come true!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart I really do mean it ! HUGS HUGS AND LOVE LOVE (especially all you special angels you know who you are 😉 )

PS. We’ve done better than expected and will be launching a few more flavours!! Also we have a few huge surprises coming this week and by the end of the month . KEEP WATCHING US. I LOVE YOU!

Here’s a special code to show how thankful we are use the code : “thankful10” to take 10% (valid for 10 days!)