website changes

Part of me has loved the giant slider on the front page, but sadly its made us sacrifice being able to put up more info. So now its much easier , I can post upcoming and breaking news. Makes the front page a little more functional .

I’ve also added a new page with mentions. If you click on “what people are saying about us” . This will showcase the mentions we’ve been getting and all your wonderful reviews.

It took me ages to make what seems like tiny changes, but its worth it. I;m still not sure how i feel about it. I’m super exhausted between this, filling up so many lipbalms yesterday and going to my full time job. Oh and a note about the lipbalms, I mess up one batch of 50 lipbalms, so I’m going to have to redo them. I think I overdid myself , I need to do these in moderation next time. The 6 hour marathon of making several hundred lipbalm was not the best idea. HAHA

Ok I need to get me some rest now! Night night