Why you should buy from small local businesses !

This is something I’ve felt for a long while that buying from small businesses and supporting your local crafters is important. Not to mention infinitely more interesting. Here’s why…

How often is it you go to the mall and there is just about the same brands everywhere. The same mass market produced stuff. And in every mall there’s the same thing going on, the same few brands everywhere. And thats just it, by buying from smaller companies and things that are hand crafted it assures not everyone will be using the same thing. Also its important that countries have brands and businesses that stand for their own local culture. Globalisation is great, but its important to celebrate cultural diversity too.

Small stores offer more customer service usually are more hands on, and genuinely care. Since they have fewer customers than huge chain stores they can easily attend to your needs. They tend to be more ready to listen and take suggestions . ( In fact always feel free to email me at petrina@shophousesixtyfive.com if you have any issues or just want to know more!)

If every dollar you spend is a vote, lets all make a vote for creativity. Celebrate the crafter that took the time to dream up something and actually make it with their own hands. Value the fact that it isnt one of a thousand on a conveyor belt somewhere. Don’t let those dreams and creativity die! Take pride in out of the box designs!

By buying a smaller business’s products you are more assured its done by ethical labour. Not in some sweatshop or by under-age labour in unimaginable conditions. Im not saying all big companies are like that, but they certainly do exist and its hard to find out about. Instead buy from a company who’s employees, crafters and designers that genuinely love what they do.

Buying from small startups are like watering a seedling. Especially in the beginning when they do need the most help. A lot of small business owners run on small budgets or have used their personal savings to fund their passion. Let them know that their dreams are within reach.

Its important to support local and small businesses wherever you are because they allow the marketplace to be a little more diverse. And honestly the world would be a much boring place without them.
So lets all buy small & think big.

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