Sticking labels on , by hand

So the truth is, every label is stuck on by hand one by one. Which is a lot consider I sometimes do batches by the hundreds. So please forgive me if stickers are not 100% straight , I really try and do my best.

My ritual usually includes me turning on my spotify and looking for a good playlist. Its kinda therapeutic actually, also sometimes I’m lucky if my boyfriend helps me out, he actually is better than me. He sticks them nice and straight, I attribute that to better motor skills and superior spacial awareness.  After all I am a super fail at sports , so no surprises there perhaps.

I still struggle with making large batches so I prefer to do everything in one day, in one go. Just like getting everything over with fast. I am working out better systems and becoming more organised. It helps.

I plan to get a sticker machine thing one day , so the labels will be perfect every-time, guess I should save up. LOL.

Anyway the news this week is , there are NEW flavours online. Which is very exciting. Two are permanent and one is Limited .

Lipbalm Kosong is Permanent and actually started out as a request for the wonderful people out there who have sensitive lips and wanted something minimalist and fuss free. I thought the name was cheeky and apt. Like plain in local slang.

The other permanent flavour is truly my new obsession HONEYDEW SAGO! Nothing more sexy and delish ! Tasty joy! I worked on this one for quite a bit and YES ITS SPOT ON! very very very mouth wateringly good  (is that even a word?) I love it . I mean that. I also really love the actual dessert but its quite hard to find these days. Maybe I should try making it. so yes, its honeydew with drips of coconut milk somewhere in the background.

Oh and the Limited edition flavour is Fort Canning. This one was actually a limited by fate. the thing is I actually ordered this ridiculously pricey vanilla absolute for use in the rose bundung concoction.  However it turned out to be a very rich and almost earthy vanilla which was a no go in the sweet floral rendition of Bandung. So with much disappointment I was stuck with the genius idea of turning it into its own flavour. I mean it really is lovely on it own (just like some loner type people, introverts who thrive in their aloneness ) Its unique and not fakey vanilla. Ideal for those who love the real smell of vanilla beans. It really is pure vanilla bean absolute from Madagascan vanilla ! Its so so so pricey , I cant stress that enough , and thats why this will be the only batch of them. Once gone, gone forever !

ALSO Naiise has informed me that there will be a pop-up of theirs somewhere in town , I will let you lovely people know and probably go down there some day to pimp out my lipbalms. SO thats also very happening 🙂

ANNND if you missed this, we were featured and interviewed on LianHeZaoBao about a week ago. Which was just such a thrilling experience 😀 !!


WELL i think its nighty night time for me ! HAVE A GREAT DAY.