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For our second instalment of SNIPPETS where we interview local crafters, we present Sweet Banquet a small handmade boutique of delightfully edible looking sweetness. The handmade jewellery is done in the Japanese kawaii style, dainty and cute. We speak to the owner and crafter Shih Jia who happens our friend and a fellow Lasallian.

Hi Shih Jia in you own words tell us what Sweet Banquet is about?

Sweet Banquet is a treasure trove of handmade food inspired jewelry, lifestyle products and accessories. I am inspired by Japanese pop- cultures like fairy-kei, Sweet Lolita and most of all Sweets Deco. Most of my products are made into wearable jewelry and other lifestyle products.

What makes it unique and interesting?

The uniqueness of my craft is that I do everything myself, from the sourcing of accompanying accessories to making the finest fake sugar sprinkles on the miniature donut. I have even started making my own clay and scents to give certain pieces an individualistic touch. New creations are added every month to keep my customers coming back for more. From designing to actualization, I have full control, this makes what I do really interesting and satisfying.

What inspired you to begin Sweet Banquet ?

My inspiration comes from that wondrous the feeling of sharing a meal or a dessert with one’s loved ones and friends. When making my pieces, I’d like to spread that sense of happiness.

Is this your full time Passion or Just a passing hobby?

Yes, I‘ve always been interested in making these sweets deco food accessories. It started 10 years ago as a simple hobby and I always find a lot of satisfaction making these pieces. My first batch of clay works sold out really fast and that was a morale booster. After my graduation from college, I really wanted to do something I love, and from then I started off making these miniature food jewelry full time.

Why do you think handmade items are gaining popularity?

No two handmade items can be exactly alike. 🙂 They’re not just a symbol of uniqueness but the fruit of passion made by another individual, that’s what makes handmade items so endearing.

What is your most popular product and why?

My macaron dustplugs! I guess it’s because they’re fun to look at and the price is really economical! Haha

What is the biggest lesson you have learned from running your
own business?

Never make decisions hastily. There will always be opportunities to showcase or sell your creations, do not jump into such decisions without thinking it through.

Tell us your future plans for the business!

I’d like to grow my business clientele, collaborate with restaurants and even be featured on the media. ☺ Currently, I am working towards collaborating with schools and social welfare centres to conduct clay classes.

That I’ve managed to sustain my business until now… and every order I received from each customer makes my day.

As a prying question What is your advice to others who want to start their own small business?

If you have a dream, hold on to it and work hard to realize it!

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