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This week we talk to the two gentlemen behind the music making duo Ciao Turtle. They are homegrown musicians who are brimming with passion for what they do. We met them performing at the Naiise opening of the Central outlet.
Here’s a little chat with them.

How did two of you first meet?

We were first introduced 9 years ago by a mutual friend who plays drums and wanted to form a band. We spent the next 8 years playing cover songs together at events, pubs and weddings before deciding that we needed a different creative outlet. That’s when we formed Ciao Turtle and started writing original music, leading to the release of our first 3 singles ‘When The Stars’ (Aug 2014)’ ‘I’m Out’ (Dec 2014) and ‘Mary Jane’ (Jun 2015).

What inspired you two to make music together?

We have played music together for 9 years now and even longer individually, so music has always been a part of our lives. While we thoroughly enjoy playing covers, we felt that we needed to find our own sound and our own voice. And so began our musical journey of writing and performing our original work. All we want to do is write great songs and share it with the world. Although it has been a relatively short journey, people’s response to our music has been very encouraging so far, as our songs have been played on national radio and we were even a finalist in the SG50 The Gift Of Song competition organised by Mediacorp!

How would you describe Ciao Turtle’s sound?

Instead of being defined by one clear genre, we explore a blend of genres such as funk, folk and pop in our song-writing. Our music is fuss-free – we are inspired by what we love hearing and re-invent where the songs lead us, taking our audience on an emotional journey with an open destination. Our music is simple, never taken too seriously, and always to be enjoyed! And that’s how we like it!

Its a cool name! what does Ciao Turtle mean and what made you guys come up with it?

We are just two local guys writing music and sharing it with everyone, and we wanted our music moniker to reflect that. Hence, Ciao Turtle! Simple, unsophisticated, direct, and it sounds like a local Singaporean slang (yeah, you know what we mean!).

How do you feel about the local music scene?

While Singapore has a mature cover music scene, the local original music scene has certainly grown in the past few years! We have always had very talented musicians, and we have noticed that the quality of homegrown original music has also improved to the point where local acts can stand toe-to-toe with recognized international talents. This burgeoning local music scene has also started to garner the attention of the general public and music lovers of all ages. The future looks bright indeed and we are so honoured and grateful to be a part of our homegrown music landscape!

Any opinions on the rise of locally made / handcrafted in Singapore goods?

Singapore has traditionally been an importer of goods, services and even culture. Therefore, seeing the rise of locally crafted products is certainly a refreshing change! Just like local music, we feel that locally made goods provide a familiar homegrown flavour that imported products don’t have. And it is this familiar flavour that reminds us of our own culture and identity. Hopefully, one day, we will be able to export our locally crafted goods and homegrown music culture, and perhaps share a little bit of Singapore with the world.

What are you upcoming gigs / events?

19th August: CQ SUmmer Live Music Festival @ Beer Market
26th & 27th August: Esplanade Presents, Red Dot Radio @ Esplanade Concourse
28th October: Guinness Amplify X Timbre Music Presents, Singapore Originals @ Timbre Substation

Check Ciao Turtle out

Instagram: @ciaoturtle