Why handmade? Why natural?

So the longer story is, I actually intended for my lipbalms to be made in a factory in China. I actually went there to look for a factory who could make the lipbalms for me. But the reason why it didnt happen that way was two things that I would not compromise on, 1) the unique local flavours and 2) Natural ingredients .

Thing was I could make them for a fraction of the current cost if I had done it in China. But that wasnt the point of why I wanted to start this. And also it cut out on the fun crafty part which I embrace so much.
I wanted to create a good product that I felt had integrity , and somehow outsourcing overseas to a place I could not monitor directly would not have ensured the outcomes I wanted.

Plus I wanted to use things like essential oils and it wasnt something realistic for a factory to do at the amount I wanted. So I make them by hand because its the best way I know how and it ensures the best quality of ingredients.

So when you shop with us at Shophouse Sixtyfive , be rest assured everything is made in SIngapore with quality ingredients. If we wont use it ourself we wont make it. Keeping in mind everything is handmade and done ourself by hand.

We are 100% paraben free, alcohol free, folmedehyde free, silicone free, SLS free, and cruelty free.
I dont know to express the effort that goes into filling every tube and tub by hand and then sticking on the labels by hand too.
In creating Shophouse Sixtyfive I can truly say Ive created a brand I feel good about and you will feel good using.
The organic palm sugar we use in the kiss me Kueh scrub is certified free trade and ethically harvested.
We also value #supportlocal , our new gift set pouches are hand silk screen and hand sewn by the two talented women behind the Litile Collective. We try and work with local artists and businesses when we can.

Shophouse Sictyfive has been blessed by being instantly embrace by local customers and media alike. We’ve been honored to grace the pages of TimeOut, StraitsTimes , Juice Magazine , Harper’s Bazaar, and so many more and even on the air on Love F.M radio.
We’ve only started at the beginning of this year but its been a great start so far. We have so much more planned for the future.

Have a good week ahead. Love, Petrina Yuen (founder and handcrafter at Shophouse Sixtyfive)
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